360° campaign

World Trade Center

Essence Adverts not only crafted a remarkable commercial and comprehensive photoshoot for the iconic World Trade Center but also adeptly handled the media campaign and social media presence for the brand. Furthermore, it's worth noting that World Trade Center Cairo holds a significant position as a founding member of the World Trade Centers Association, maintaining its active membership since 1976.

  • World Trade Center
  • Corporate real estate
  • 360-degree Campaign
  • March 29th , 2024
World Trade Center ازاى مفوت كل دا
Essence meticulously crafted a commercial storyline depicting two businessmen amazed by World Trade Center Cairo's 25 years of excellence. From pre-production to post, the focus remained on showcasing its multifunctional complex, highlighting its pioneering role in Egypt's commercial scene.

Our photoshoot elevates the World Trade Center (WTC) experience to new heights through a combination of interior and exterior photography. By meticulously capturing both the architectural grandeur and the inviting interiors, we showcase the WTC as a dynamic and thriving hub. Each image tells a story of sophistication, professionalism, and innovation, reflecting the multifunctional essence of the complex. Whether it's the sleek lines of the exterior façade or the vibrant energy within its office spaces, our photography brings out the WTC's distinct character and sets it apart as a premier destination for businesses and professionals alike. .

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