Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training at Essence Campus

We customise our training courses and workshops to support your team’s digital skill requirements.

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Personalised digital training tailored to your requirements

We customise our training courses and workshops to support your team’s digital skill requirements.
After an initial skill review, we will design a digital training plan tailored to fill the gaps in your digital marketing know-how.
Our combination of training and consultancy allows you to benefit from practical recommendations and implementation suggestions relevant to your digital marketing goals.
Once your training is complete, we provide ongoing digital marketing support for as long as you need us to.

Digital training with an agency that takes pride in success stories

We can give you and your colleagues the confidence and digital know-how needed to grow your business with successful digital marketing strategies.
Campus study programs
Social Media Training

Our professional Social Media training is the perfect solution for marketers who would like to improve their knowledge and develop new skills. It is also a great way to learn more about current Social Media best practice that can be applied to other areas of your business.

SEO Training

There are hundreds of SEO courses available on the internet, but it is likely to take a large amount of time and investment before your team are able to apply any of the knowledge that they have gained.

Paid Search Training

With Essence , you can learn the core concepts of Paid Search, from how the auction works, through to optimising your Google Ads campaigns for the best results. We’ll give you actionable insights to manage your campaigns and teach you how to understand the results.

Digital Copywriting Training

The content on your website is key to users’ perception of your business. Only through careful planning, research and skilled authorship can your content truly shine, enhancing your brand and separating you from your competitors.

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