360° campaign

Ahmad Tea

Essence Adverts orchestrated a massive 360-degree campaign for Ahmad Tea Gulf, encompassing media production and strategic media buying. This campaign engaged millions of people in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait. Essence Adverts's role was pivotal in crafting a resonating commercial that captured the brand's essence and local culture. The agency's efforts made them the driving force behind this successful campaign.

  • Ahmad Tea GCC
  • FMCG
  • 360-degree Campaign
  • Sep 1st , 2023
Ahmad Tea (GCC):"هو اللي تحتاجه"
Our media production achieved remarkable success, reaching two million viewers within just seven days of launch. This rapid engagement underscores the compelling and culturally resonant nature of our commercial, demonstrating the power of effective media production to connect with audiences on a profound level.
Social Media Reels

Our success extended beyond just the main commercial; we also created numerous engaging reels that played a crucial role in our campaign. These reels complemented the main commercial, serving as bite-sized content that kept the audience captivated and eager for more. These short, snappy videos added dynamism to our campaign, offering fresh perspectives and insights into Ahmad Tea Gulf's world. They provided a multifaceted view of the brand, its products, and its values, ultimately deepening the connection with our audience. The combination of the main commercial and these reels was instrumental in our campaign's reach and impact, showcasing our versatility and creativity in delivering compelling content across various platforms. .

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