Full Digital Campaign Production

Chloride Egypt

Essence Adverts recently had the pleasure of working with Chloride Egypt to create a stunning photoshoot and media production for the launch of their new product, the Chloride Platinum car battery. Our goal was to showcase the product's reliability, performance, and innovation while also highlighting Chloride Egypt's commitment to quality.

  • Chloride Egypt
  • Auto
  • Full Digital Campaign Production
  • Feb 5th, 2023
Chloride Platinum car battery
For the media production, we produced engaging videos that showcase the key features and benefits of the Chloride Platinum car battery. These videos include dynamic shots of the product, close-ups of its technology, and demonstrations of its performance in different weather conditions. We used high-quality production techniques to ensure that the videos were visually appealing and informative.
Social Media Reels

To build excitement and anticipation around the Chloride Platinum car battery, we launched a compelling social media campaign. This campaign included teaser posts, informative graphics, and engaging reels that highlighted the product's reliability and durability. We also emphasized the 2-year warranty as a sign of Chloride Egypt's commitment to customer satisfaction. .

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