360° campaign

Zyrtec by GSK

"Revolutionizing Allergy Relief: Essence's Monumental 360-Degree Campaign for Zyrtec by GSK Breaks New Ground in Artistic Media Production. This Epic Commercial, a Highlight of Their Q4 2023 Content Calendar, Resonated with Millions in Egypt, Boosting Zyrtec Sales and Setting a Bold Benchmark in Pharmaceutical Marketing!"

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Pharma
  • 360-degree Campaign
  • Dec 1st , 2023
لو الحساسية حكاية
"Our media production rocked it! In just a month, we hit two million views – talk about a wild ride! This quick buzz is all thanks to the awesome and culturally connected vibe of our commercial. It just goes to show, when you create media with heart, you can really make friends with your audience!"

Official Version

Unofficial cut

Social Media Reels

Our content calendar proved to be a resounding success, resonating with millions of Egyptians through a thematic exploration rooted in the universal experience of allergy patients. The central narrative revolved around the distinctive fears encountered by individuals grappling with allergies, ranging from apprehension towards perfumes and animals to the more profound anxiety associated with food allergies.
Our strategic outreach extended across prominent social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Leveraging the potency of concise video content and visually striking imagery, we ensured a comprehensive engagement strategy. Notably, the integration of Egyptian Arabic slang added a distinctive cultural touch, enhancing the resonance of our communication and fostering widespread interest and participation. The campaign transcended traditional marketing efforts, evolving into a dynamic narrative that left an indelible impact on our audience.

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