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Panda Retail Company

Essence Adverts rose to the occasion, crafting a sensational series of five commercials for the Panda Retail Company in celebration of their monumental 8th anniversary in Egypt. Tasked with announcing a giveaway of 32 gold bars to their luckiest shoppers, our team brought this captivating campaign to life. Each commercial featured characters exuding an exaggerated, nouveau riche glam as they explored the supermarket's opulent offerings. From styling that oozed sophistication to masterful directing that captured the essence of extravagance, and montage coloring that left audiences spellbound, Essence's media production skills soared above and beyond expectations.

  • Panda Retail Company
  • Retail
  • Media Production - Photoshoot
  • August 15th , 2023
Panda's 8th anniversary in Egypt
For Panda's 8th anniversary in Egypt, Digital Essence created five unique characters, each embodying exaggerated nouveau riche glamour while shopping in the supermarket. These characters represent the lucky gold bar winners in our creative campaign, making the celebration truly unforgettable.

360° campaign

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