E3mel business academy Case study

E3mel Business Academy is an Arab academy provides online courses in Arabic and by professional lecturers..

After three years management the non-brand revenue was over 16 times higher than at the start of the project, with ROI more than doubling. Lead Generation    |    Google Ads    |    Web design
What was the challenge?

E3meI business, this is a business that personifies the idea of willingness to help, as stated by Eng. Mohamed El Baz, when asked to provide a brief description for his esteemed company, also, the notion behind the company is to contribute, even with a small part, with any entrepreneur that has the will and passion to take his/her project to new heights and levels, and therefore, E3meI business provides business consultancy, Online courses and diplomas services for individuals with a passion and a dream of achieving big goals. However, The Saudi online market has a fierce competition so Eng. Mohamed El Baz decided to collaborate with us, Essence Adverts, to provide him and E3meI business with a strong PPC boost that would firmly set his place in the world of online Courses in KSA and Gulf

What was our solution :

E3mel Business came to us after running PPC for 6 months and seeing indifferent results (PPC revenue had fallen by 26% YOY). They knew their offering was strong but were unable to replicate the strong results their competitors were experiencing from their PPC traffic.
What they needed was simple: an improvement in ROI and to demonstrate consistent revenue growth to move towards being a dominant force in the industry. We began with a full audit of the account, tightening up the structure and focussing our targeting on the terms we knew were highly likely to result in a sale. We then started to build the account back up, building everything in an extremely tight structure that was conducive to improving quality score and increased relevancy between search term, keyword, ad, and landing page.
As the academy business grew, our strategies adapted. We expanded the accounts to cover Diplomas and MBA as they were introduced over the years. We also extended the campaigns internationally as The academy reach increased.
We consistently saw very strong growth in both revenue and ROI. High level analysis facilitated strategic use of budget. We looked at attribution modelling to set separate targets for high assisting keywords. We also analysed the effects of different free delivery thresholds on average basket values to help determine the optimum threshold. We utilised mathematical models to determine bid adjustments for day parting, location, device, and RLSA. Our sole focus was always on increasing the profitability, and we constantly tested different ROIs, and the resultant revenue to determine which levels maximised profit and ultimately increased market share.


- Get a new market share is KSA search engine market
- Increase ROI from Google


After three years management the non-brand revenue was over 16 times higher than at the start of the project, with ROI more than doubling.