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Cafe Barbera

Essence Adverts Agency covered the highly anticipated launch of Cafe Barbera in Egypt, creating a captivating social media frenzy. Cafe Barbera, known as 'The Italian Coffee House,' boasts a rich heritage of over 150 years, showcasing a profound commitment to coffee excellence and a deep-rooted passion passed down through six generations of coffee roasters.

  • Cafe Barbera
  • hospitality
  • Social Media Production
  • june 30th, 2022
Social Media Reels

Essence Adverts Agency created captivating reels for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, showcasing Cafe Barbera 'The Italian Coffee House.' Utilizing their food photography expertise and social media experience, the reels captured 150 years of coffee perfection and passion from six generations of roasters, generating a delightful buzz among coffee enthusiasts.

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